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How-to Spot a Fake EOTech Sight —

Recently many buyers of EOTech Optics have realized just how many sellers and vendors put on counterfeit optics for sale. What surprises people even more is that there are actually dozens of people who buy it. Some people feel that an inexpensive red dot will work perfectly with your airsoft, in that case a knock off shall do just fine but if you want the right EOTech equipment then you must buy it from an authorized dealer. Doing your homework shall help you in buying an original EOTech sight. Most counterfeit sights are relatively cheaper than the original EOTech optics. There are other tell tale signals that the buyer should catch while purchasing their optics. Some knock offs come in easily under $100 and put on a very real like look. However one must be able to spot out a fake. For instance some holographic sights do not have the EOTech logo on them.

Counterfeiters have gone the extra mile to even make the serial numbers and other imprints more real like. Regardless of whichever model you are looking at, one can recognize a counterfeit by the curvature and reflective nature. Optic reflection can easily be spotted to distinguish from the counterfeits. The L3 EOTech has a small optical component right behind its front window. This small optical component isn’t present in counterfeits.

Another clue is the glass size in relative to the optic frame. The true ones have a far thinner frame right around the optic glass whereas the fake ones usually have a thicker frame. The dot too is a big clue as well. If your dot creates a crisp circles with the MOA65 ring then it is counterfeit.

Original EOTech optics create an image of the ring in which small pixels can be seen. The fake ones make use of a tool to shape the projected object. Another thing with counterfeit EOTech optics is that they really can’t hold zero for a long duration of time.

Given the presence of so many counterfeits it is important to realize that genuine EOTech optics are proven for battle and are definitely built with the highest quality of material. Counterfeit sights manage to easily break and aren’t free of parallax. Genuine EOTech holographic optics can save lives. For the public it is important to understand such differences between the real EOTech equipment and the fake ones. One must make sure that they purchase their EOTech Optics from dealers who are authorized just to be such.

Firearm deer season preview: Tips from hunter’s safety instructor —

Firearm deer season preview: Tips from hunter’s safety instructor

With just a few days left before the first shots ring out, hunters in West Michigan are likely focused on the big bucks they’ll see when firearm deer season opens in Michigan on Friday.

Circle K Clerk Fired for Using Gun to Thwart Robbery & Saving Lives

On the morning of November 2nd 2013, Circle K clerk and acting manager Johnny Jarriel Jr. used a concealed carry handgun to defend customers and thwart a robbery at his store.

Chris Christie Talks Immigration & Gun Control in ‘Lightning Round’ of Questions

Fox News host Chris Wallace put newly re-elected New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie through a “lightning round” of questions Sunday to determine his position on a series of political issues he said are important to conservatives.

Guns & Ammo editor resigns after gun control column

The editor of Guns & Ammo magazine apologized to readers and resigned immediately, earlier than planned, after he published a column advocating gun control, enraging his readers.

Lawmakers leave many priorities of Quinna s unresolved

Shortly after lawmakers sent Quinn a bill allowing Illinois to join 14 other states and hold same-sex weddings as early as next summer, they abruptly ended their fall veto session with much unfinished business as the 2014 primary elections begin to heat up.

40 Armed Gun Advocates Intimidate Mothers Against Gun Violence In A Restaurant Parking Lot

On Saturday, nearly 40 armed men, women, and children waited outside a Dallas, Texas area restaurant to protest a membership meeting for the state chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America , a gun safety advocacy group formed in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

How hard is it compare to AR15 Barrel. —

How hard is it compare to AR15 Barrel. Any input or tricks on how to extract the barrel from the receiver. thanks for the help.
WarDawg [Member]
6/16/2011 10:22:06 PM
I am not an expert… But it is not as straight forward as an AR15. It unscrews but a receiver fixture is normally warranted to not twist the receiver and damage it…..Then you have to check the bolt head space . with head space gauges.A chromed barrel you can run into issues with head space. A non-chromed barrel you get short chambered and then ream it to size …. I personally don’t have a issue with trying a lot of things myself. But I don’t have a problem sending it to a M14 Scope Mounts gunsmith ( Ted Brown ) example…….and have them do it….

Mesa Tactical —

Mesa Tactical
Received this from a Threeper I trust implicitly regarding LaRue Tactical quality control problems and service issues. He included a copy of a series of emails back and forth beginning in December of last year. Here’s his latest to me:


I’d like to warn people about buying scope mounts from LaRue Tactical since you may well not get the one you need, and then they won’t do anything about it. When you spend $250.00 for a scope mount, it damn well be the one you needed, especially when you called and spoke to their rep before ordering.

If you could warn your readers, I think it would be a great service to them. Perhaps ask David to do the same. The story is in the below email stream.

The picture of my rife, scope mount and scope fitted and bore-sighted attached. As you can see, it has to go all the way up to the turret to get a decent eye relief. Also, I had to crank it all the way up to get it bore-sighted for 100 yards, leaving no more elevation for greater distances.

Before anyone buys a quick disconnect sight from LaRue Tactical, they better know exactly what they need to get because the reps at LaRue have no idea.

The shame is that I have previously purchased two other mounts for ACOGS for my other rifles from them. Still they have no interest in rectifying this situation.



My son has been collecting the components to build himself a 7.62 NATO sniper platform on an Armalite receiver much like the one pictured. He was thinking, if memory serves me correctly, of getting a LaRue Tactical mount like the one pictured. I will discourage him from doing so.