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How hard is it compare to AR15 Barrel. —

How hard is it compare to AR15 Barrel. Any input or tricks on how to extract the barrel from the receiver. thanks for the help.
WarDawg [Member]
6/16/2011 10:22:06 PM
I am not an expert… But it is not as straight forward as an AR15. It unscrews but a receiver fixture is normally warranted to not twist the receiver and damage it…..Then you have to check the bolt head space . with head space gauges.A chromed barrel you can run into issues with head space. A non-chromed barrel you get short chambered and then ream it to size …. I personally don’t have a issue with trying a lot of things myself. But I don’t have a problem sending it to a M14 Scope Mounts gunsmith ( Ted Brown ) example…….and have them do it….

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