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How-to Spot a Fake EOTech Sight —

Recently many buyers of EOTech Optics have realized just how many sellers and vendors put on counterfeit optics for sale. What surprises people even more is that there are actually dozens of people who buy it. Some people feel that an inexpensive red dot will work perfectly with your airsoft, in that case a knock off shall do just fine but if you want the right EOTech equipment then you must buy it from an authorized dealer. Doing your homework shall help you in buying an original EOTech sight. Most counterfeit sights are relatively cheaper than the original EOTech optics. There are other tell tale signals that the buyer should catch while purchasing their optics. Some knock offs come in easily under $100 and put on a very real like look. However one must be able to spot out a fake. For instance some holographic sights do not have the EOTech logo on them.

Counterfeiters have gone the extra mile to even make the serial numbers and other imprints more real like. Regardless of whichever model you are looking at, one can recognize a counterfeit by the curvature and reflective nature. Optic reflection can easily be spotted to distinguish from the counterfeits. The L3 EOTech has a small optical component right behind its front window. This small optical component isn’t present in counterfeits.

Another clue is the glass size in relative to the optic frame. The true ones have a far thinner frame right around the optic glass whereas the fake ones usually have a thicker frame. The dot too is a big clue as well. If your dot creates a crisp circles with the MOA65 ring then it is counterfeit.

Original EOTech optics create an image of the ring in which small pixels can be seen. The fake ones make use of a tool to shape the projected object. Another thing with counterfeit EOTech optics is that they really can’t hold zero for a long duration of time.

Given the presence of so many counterfeits it is important to realize that genuine EOTech optics are proven for battle and are definitely built with the highest quality of material. Counterfeit sights manage to easily break and aren’t free of parallax. Genuine EOTech holographic optics can save lives. For the public it is important to understand such differences between the real EOTech equipment and the fake ones. One must make sure that they purchase their EOTech Optics from dealers who are authorized just to be such.

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