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Mesa Tactical
Received this from a Threeper I trust implicitly regarding LaRue Tactical quality control problems and service issues. He included a copy of a series of emails back and forth beginning in December of last year. Here’s his latest to me:


I’d like to warn people about buying scope mounts from LaRue Tactical since you may well not get the one you need, and then they won’t do anything about it. When you spend $250.00 for a scope mount, it damn well be the one you needed, especially when you called and spoke to their rep before ordering.

If you could warn your readers, I think it would be a great service to them. Perhaps ask David to do the same. The story is in the below email stream.

The picture of my rife, scope mount and scope fitted and bore-sighted attached. As you can see, it has to go all the way up to the turret to get a decent eye relief. Also, I had to crank it all the way up to get it bore-sighted for 100 yards, leaving no more elevation for greater distances.

Before anyone buys a quick disconnect sight from LaRue Tactical, they better know exactly what they need to get because the reps at LaRue have no idea.

The shame is that I have previously purchased two other mounts for ACOGS for my other rifles from them. Still they have no interest in rectifying this situation.



My son has been collecting the components to build himself a 7.62 NATO sniper platform on an Armalite receiver much like the one pictured. He was thinking, if memory serves me correctly, of getting a LaRue Tactical mount like the one pictured. I will discourage him from doing so.

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